domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

I wonder...

I've been feeling so blue for the last couple of months
and though I knew the reason I just couldn't seem
to find a solution to my state of mind.
I tried to hide it with promises of love
but all I did was much more harm;
then I tried to bury my grief with lust
but that just does not seem to work on its own on me.
I decided I just had to be myself, though
I did not know who that was anymore.
And as I did some soulsearching I finally see
that everything that's inside of me
is all I have to be.
Now that I can live with my own self I find you,
and what am I supposed to do?
I can't help myself and wonder
are you the cure I've been looking for?
Because you just set a part of me
that's been hiding from me all along,
and now I feel so hopeful and scared...
So hopeful and so scared...
I am glad I can feel these things again,
I was starting to think I was dead inside
and now you show me I was just asleep.
Just waiting for your kiss to wake me up
to life again, to feeling my bones burning inside.
I can't really describe how good I feel
and how amazingly afraid I am right now...
I do wish I could read your mind too,
or maybe your heart and see if there's a place for me.
I'm just scared of going too deep
and once there realize you are not there too,
I've been there before and I don't know
how many times I can do it again
without getting seriously damaged.
I already am, you know, damaged big time,
and all I want is to feel good again,
gain some trust and find someone
I can call of my own...
Are you willing to stay here with me?
Can you fix me? Will you let me try
to fix you too? I may be quite good at it.
Let me fix you. You may try to fix me if you want.
I think you might be just what I need... But am I what you need?